[wp-hackers] Plugin Pre-Release

Rich Christiansen warproof at warproof.com
Thu May 29 02:29:32 GMT 2008

Hey all,

In the next few days, I plan to release a new plugin for Wordpress.  It 
provides a Wordpress interface to the Featurific website plugin, a 
plugin designed to provide main-page slideshows for featured posts - 
similar to the featured stories/products slideshows on time.com, 
walmart.com, etc.***  (See the end of this email for more info on 

Although I am an experienced programmer, this is my first Wordpress 
plugin.  I've tested it and found it to work on Wordpress 2.3+.  
However, I'm sure I've overlooked something.  Would you mind installing 
it on a test installation and providing any feedback you might have?

Archive location:

Once activated, the plugin can be configured on the Settings -> 
Featurific page.  (I was going to put this page within the "Plugins" 
menu, but I read on Codex that the recommended location for config pages 
like this is in "Settings".  However, given recent list discussion, I'm 
no longer sure where to put the config page! :) )

Anyway, thanks again for any feedback you might have,

***Some background on Featurific: The plugin is a flash-based 
gallery/slideshow that displays rotating screens of the host site's 
featured stories. (Similar rotators can be seen on msn.com, 
nationalgeographic.com, walmart.com, etc). Featurific requires a fair 
amount of configuration to get it working which is the motivation for 
this plugin. Following the awesome precedent of Wordpress' 5 minute 
installation, Featurific for Wordpress handles all configuration and 
installation when the plugin is enabled. However, power users are still 
allowed to tweak configuration and override any parameters.

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