[wp-hackers] Plugin Version Numbering?

Mike Walsh mike_walsh at mindspring.com
Tue May 27 16:53:48 GMT 2008

I am curious how people assign their plugin version number?  There was a
recent discussion which sort of touched on this but I'd like to touch on it
again.  Ideally I'd like to automatically use the Subversion revision number
as part of my documented version number - something like this:


Major Version:  2

Minor Version: 1

Build:  $LastChangedRevision$


If the SVN LastChangedRevision is 237 my version would be 2.1.237 and I'd
like  to then be able to have this number be automatically be populated in
the plugin header which appears as the version number of the Dashboard
Plugins page.  This is pretty easy to do with CVS but I can't figure out how
to suppress the SVN keyword stuff which wraps the keyword value.

Anyone doing anything like this?  If so, how are you doing it?







Mike Walsh - mike_walsh at mindspring dot com


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