[wp-hackers] PHP IDEs

senthilraja P technocraze at gmail.com
Tue May 27 03:59:12 GMT 2008

> /* I doubt that it's a RAM issue, probably some kind of issue with your
> java setup in general.
> */

Yes.. i am using a 500 Hz pentium machine, and eclipse works fine.  It takes
time for loading, but after it got loaded, i dont see any performance

If we code from scratch, we may not need an IDE. but when we are exploring
another PHP application, an IDE like eclipse will certainly be useful..

I am using eclipse + PHP plugin for the past two years, and could not find
any other open source IDE as useful as this..  Even PDT lacks an important
feature, like "Ctrl+click" on a function will take us to the relevant file..

Senthil Raja

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