[wp-hackers] load-(page) action hook

Eric Marden wp at xentek.net
Sat May 24 20:10:45 GMT 2008

I ran across this in the codex (http://codex.wordpress.org/Plugin_API/Action_Reference 
), and would like to use it for a plugin I am developing. If I  
understand it correctly, I can specify the name of the page on which  
to fire my plugin functions, but can't seem to figured out the syntax.

The page I want it to fire on is the users page in the admin screen. I  
tried load-(users) and load-users and neither one fired my plugin. I'm  
using admin_head now for the hook, but this makes it fire on every  
admin page, and is inefficient for my needs.

Any one know how to use the load-(page) action hook?


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