[wp-hackers] PHP IDEs

Eric Marden wp at xentek.net
Sat May 24 05:28:52 GMT 2008

What do you want out of an IDE?

Because if you don't need debugging (i.e. with XDebug) then  
Dreamweaver isn't a bad code editor. The FTP and site management tools  
are actually pretty good. The code coloring and syntax highlighting  
are very useable, and its code completion (of inbuilt functions - not  
custom code), is not full featured, but is helpful. Download a trial  
you may like it.

If you tastes in IDE is more sophisticated, then you need to get more  
ram or a better JVM. Eclipse + PDT (and Zend Studio for Eclipse) are  
your only other hopes. Or get a mac and use textmate, the best little  
cod editor I've ever used, (though I still use eclipse to debug).


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