[wp-hackers] wp_delete_object_term_relationships ??

Gerhard Brauckmann Gerhard.Brauckmann at mi-verlag.de
Fri May 16 07:08:15 GMT 2008

Friends of WP

I'm working on "bulk" loading Content as posts into WP. 
On this way, before loading a couple of hundreds posts by using
"wp_insert_post" I'm calling "wp_delete_post" to delete all 

this all works fine - but I'm not getting the "term" relationships updated 
or deletet. In fact, 
after calling wp_delete_post the term_relationship and term counts are 
"not" updated.

example: before deleting i.e. 33 posts within catgeory_id = 5  the 
term_taxonomy-count tells me: I have 33 posts in this cat.
now I call wp_delete_post and I still have 33 posts in 
term_taxonomy-count. mmmh -> why?

How do I get this updated? Thx for any idea.

Gerhard Brauckmann

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