[wp-hackers] add_rewrite_rule error

HonDev Developer developerhondev at gmail.com
Tue May 13 09:48:23 GMT 2008

Thanks guys, I have this working but inconsistently.  It seems that
canonical url's can sometime times interfere with the rewrite.

If I add .html to the regex a trailing backslash is appended to the
rewrite and it results in a 404.  If I instead use .foo at the end of
the regex instead of html the rewrite works fine.

This caused some confusion for me.  Is anyone aware of how to prevent
the addition of the trailing backslash?

Also nothing works if I add anything to the end of /user/authorname/

For example - /user/authorname/foo/ doesn't work, again the canonical
url's function is doing something funny.

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