[wp-hackers] Re: [wp-pro] Need help installing Wordpress

WordPress wordpress at anekostudios.com
Sun May 11 14:04:43 GMT 2008

Thank you all for that.  I *thought* you could - but when the only  
responses I got from the "pro" list was "move to linux" I was really  

 >>Get it installed ... In what bizare ways has it been failing?  
(Someone might point out what is causing it)<<

That's the thing :)

The first time I tried, it couldn't find the wp-config.php file - even  
though it was there.  Then I remembered that Windows likes full paths,  
not relative ones, so I changed ti to a full server path - and it  
worked.  but then I kept getting wp-settings.php errors.  The first  
few times I thad to do with another relative path - tried changing  
that, and then I realized that if I did, I'd have to comb through ALL  
of the files to change everything to full paths.  After a few days of  
trying to do something (I tried all kinds of things) I finally deleted  
everything off the server and reuploaded to start over.  Same issues.

Then something bizarre happened - I deleted everything, and moved over  
to my PC (normally I work from my Mac) and re-uploaded everything from  
my PC.  Things actually started working when I did that.  I got a  
little bit further, and then I started getting errors again, but these  
errors were all new.  SO I deleted, re-uploaded, and more all-new  
errors showed up (the last ones were gone - these were new ones) so  
then I started finding the files that were coming up in the errors and  
uploading them one at a time.  It seemed to fix it - until I came back  
to the wp-settings.php file.

Well, i tried twice to delete and reupload, and then suddenly it  
took.  I started going through the installation process, and when it  
started building the database tables, instead o giving me a screen  
that gave me my password, it went directly to the blog home page.  I  
decided then to go into phpMyAdmin to change my password - and now I'm  
locked out of phpMyAdmin.  I change my phpMyAdmin password 4 times,  
and it refuses to let me in.

Someone else provided me with a little script to retrieve your  
password, and when I used it, I discovered that the wp-users table  
wasn't installed - so the reason it shot past the password part was  
because it didn't give me one.

So now I have to call the host and see why I can't get into  
phpMyAdmin, and when that gets sorted, I gotta take it all down and  
try again.

And that's what I mean by "failing bizarrely".  To *me*, it sounds  
like something on the server is corrupting the files as I upload (I  
remember seeing a lot of errors in my FTP screen while uploading - but  
then it would try again and it would be fine).  The fact the uploading  
via my Mac working differently than from my PC is *way* weird (using  
the same FTP program - FileZilla).  But the BIG weirdness is that  
somehow I got locked out of phpMyAdmin altogether - which makes  
*absolutely* no sense to me.  I don't know if the server just didn't  
like my activity and decided to lock me out, or they actually have  
some freakishly stupid server setting that allowed WordPress to try  
and change the password (and it changed the wrong one and effectively  
wiped out access).

Man, I hate IIS.

Well, anyway, I have to call the host in the morning and see what's up  
with the phpMyAdmin - but since I had no luck on the forums or the wp- 
pro list, if anyone *here* knows how to do this, I'd happily hire  
you!  I don't have the luxury of telling them to switch hosts, because  
I'm subbing for someone who actually has the client under their belt -  
and the client is happy where they are.

Thanks :)


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