[wp-hackers] bbPress integration: merge forum topics into Wordpress Loop

Chanpory Rith hello at chanpory.com
Tue May 6 20:15:13 GMT 2008

Hey everyone.

I'm new to this list and a novice PHP coder, but I wanted to share  
some code I've been working on.

The goal is to enable bbPress moderators to "promote" a topic to show  
up in a Wordpress loop. Clicking on the permalink of the bbPress topic  
within the Wordpress loop, will take you directly to bbPress topic  
page. Any changes made to topic on the bbPress side would also show up  
automatically in the loop. (There is a similar functionality in  
Drupal, and I was considering migrating my Wordpress blog to Drupal,  
but it turned out to be huge pain.)

My approach was to take advantage of the "sticky" functionality in  
bbPress. The idea is to retrieve "super sticky" topics from the  
bbPress database tables, and merge it into an array of Wordpress  
posts. Then, use foreach to create a custom loop which displays the  
combined list of Wordpress and bbPress posts. From a user's  
perspective, you would simply click the "Stick topic (to front)" in  
bbPress to promote the topic to Wordpress.

So far, I've been successful in modifying the index.php file for the  
Classic theme to achieve this functionality. There is some pagination  
issues, but it seems to be working fairly well so far.

I'm not sure if it could be turned into a plugin or not. I've attached  
what I have so far as a text file. The code assumes the latest  
versions of bbPress and Wordpress, and that bbPress was installed with  
Wordpress integration enabled. Also, the tables for bbPress and  
Wordpress are in the same database.

Any suggestions for streamlining or improving this would be greatly  

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