[wp-hackers] Patch to allow custom login / registration page (Trac 4478)

Dave Still dave at stilldesigning.com
Mon May 5 19:01:26 GMT 2008

I've created a patch which addresses Trac ticket 4478 (http://trac.wordpress.org/ticket/4478 
), which allows for a custom login / registration page.  The patched  
wp-login.php file loads login.php from the current theme if it  
exists.  login.php consists of two functions, login_header() and  
login_footer(), to be called by wp-login.php instead of the default  
header / footer functions.  If there is no login.php file present in  
the theme's root folder, the current login page is displayed.  The  
included sample login.php should work in a wide range of themes.  You  
can see a working example of the login.php at my blog (link in  
the .sig).  Obviously, I'd like to see my patch applied to trunk and  
included in the next release.  I'd also love some feedback as to what  
can be improved and what might need to be changed to get the code  

- Dave
David E. Still
Senior Developer
Still Designing

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