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Dan Coulter dan at dancoulter.com
Sat May 3 20:05:45 GMT 2008

On Sat, May 3, 2008 at 2:05 PM, Stefano Aglietti <steagl4ml at gmail.com>

> Maybe it will sound rude but it's not my intention... You mean that
> people not good in math means thay have hard time summing and
> subtracting numbers that are not greater than 24? I can't belive it!

Yes, I mean exactly this.  And no, this is not because people are dumb.
Some people have talents that do not include doing math quickly in their
head.  They can work it out if they need to, but it's still a usability

> I wonder what happens to them when they have to check  a bank account
> doing minimal house account and just calculating the rest when they
> buy something in a shop...

They would use a calculator or work it out on paper.

> sorry but i wouldnet define them normal
> people.. or you have to call me a genius i can solve equations etc...
> and i can program computer!

There's a difference between intelligence and math aptitude.

Dan Coulter

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