[wp-hackers] Lost categories upgrading to 2.5.1

Sabin Iacob iacobs at m0n5t3r.info
Thu May 1 10:21:03 GMT 2008

Otto wrote:
> I'll go further and say that the entire upgrade should be atomic. If
> any part of the upgrade fails, no changes should take place at all.
> The very first thing the upgrade should do is to start a transaction.
> If there's a failure at any point, a rollback should be issued. If it
> gets to the end, a commit can be done.
> That is does not do this already makes little sense to me, as it's
> easy enough to do.

perhaps because mysql won't give you transactions by default? this could 
be, of course, solved by making the tables InnoDB when initially 
installing, provided the host has it configured (the read performance - 
which is what matters for a blog/CMS - should be about the same for 
InnoDB and MyISAM, but I have yet to see a comparison between the two 
using Wordpress).

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