[wp-hackers] Comment Moderation / Handling

Colin Ogilvie wordpress at colinogilvie.co.uk
Thu May 1 10:07:54 GMT 2008


One of my colleagues has been testing giving users edit posts permissions
for an 'open' Wordpress blog and has just discovered an interesting issue
that we can't quite fathom out the logic behind.

Currently, if you have the 'edit_post' capability, you are able to spam
and delete comments, but not approve them. There's a 'modeate_comments'
capability that already exists, which to me, would make sense for spam'ing
and deleting comments as well as approving them.

Would it be worth changing the capability that's used for it, or even
creating  another capability?

I suspect we might be able to actually provide the patch to the code for
this, if it is worth doing...


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