[wp-hackers] wp-gears! will it help?

Elias Muluneh eliasmu at gmail.com
Mon Mar 24 14:15:29 GMT 2008

Hi guys, I am a student from Ethiopia thinking of applying for the google
summer of code program this year. i was thinking if wordpress gear could be
a good idea.

Wordpress uses alot of ajax scripts on the back end. the idea i am proposing
is to accelerate the backend of wordpress by using google gear, I am
proposing that with google gears, we can maintain a copy of the database at
the client side using the empowering sqlite database, which is supported by
google gears. this means that the application can catch the contents of the
database for offline use, not only this but it could also support offline
publishing in which case the client side database will be used to store the
changes, and at a later time when there is connection the changes will be
sent to the server.

what do you think about it as an idea?
for more information about google gears, please visit


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