[wp-hackers] A theme that adds Pages on install

alex at mysoutham.com alex at mysoutham.com
Sun Jun 22 14:25:18 GMT 2008


I'm currently developing a theme that will be used for one specific
purpose, and when it is complete I am hoping to distribute it.

I am interested in the opinion of people on this list as to whether they
see any problem in a theme adding Pages to the database when it is
activated(if that is possible, I haven't yet looked), considering that the
theme will not be used for a conventional blog, and in effect 'needs'
these pages.

Of course, I could always say in the readme, "to make full use of the
features of this theme, please create Pages A, B and C", but why not make
it easier?

Another question I have is whether it is 'right' to sell a theme if it
requires free plugins to use all of the theme's potential features?


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