[wp-hackers] Cookie problem in intranet

senthilraja P technocraze at gmail.com
Thu Jun 19 05:15:23 GMT 2008

> Make sure that the hostname you are accessing MU by is the same as the
> one you installed it with (in particular, you should never access it
> via an IP address).
> _______________________________________________

Yes..  i did the same..  later i edited etc/hosts file to map the ip to some
internet like address and tried installing it.  it works fine.

localhost doesnt work, and that's understandable.


http://senthil/   --> can install and view home page.  But could not login.

http://senthil.domain.com --> can do everything.. including admin login.

the problem i traced is that in wp-login.php, the cookie could NOT be set,
if installed in intranet url.

one possible reason is that the cookie will not be set, if there is already
a header output in the buffer.


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