[wp-hackers] Discussion about Optional Closing PHP tags in the WordPress Library

Eric Marden wp at xentek.net
Wed Jun 18 05:18:12 GMT 2008

> I seem to recall very early in my PHP hacking days being told that I  
> was _supposed_ to leave a single line break at the end of the file  
> after the closing "?>"
>> ...helps prevent (often hard to debug) accidents like the addition  
>> of trailing whitespace, which will cause, for instance, session  
>> initialization to fail.

Requiring you to leave off the closing ?> is just sloppy. At the very  
least it discourages mindful coding, and being aware of common bugs.  
Its akin to leaving off the semicolon... you're going to get an error.

And I have to disagree to the previous poster, these issues are not  
hard to debug and very easy to diagnose.


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