[wp-hackers] Regarding Authors privs and comments

Mr. Awesome theone.andonly.mr.awesome at gmail.com
Sat Jun 14 04:16:09 GMT 2008

Jeremy Clarke wrote:
> Mr.Awesome,
> check http://www.im-web-gefunden.de/wordpress-plugins/role-manager/ .
> It might not give you exactly what you want, but it will let you hide
> comments management from authors entirely, and really that sounds like
> what you need, there's no reason for them to manage their own
> comments, they can do so from the article pages like visitors.

Thanks Jeremy. I don't *think* I'll be worrying about this "issue / 
concern" anymore. I used that plugin before, and I think it was quirky 
or something, so I stopped using it. It has ALOT of options, just too 
much for me to worry about managing and such. I'll just make most 
authors > contributors or whatever for now. Thanks everyone for your 
words, thoughts, opinions, and suggestions. :)

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