[wp-hackers] Invisible Errors on Activation

Rich Christiansen warproof at warproof.com
Sat Jun 14 00:58:40 GMT 2008

Thanks for the response, Austin!  I'd like to configure my plugin so 
that the errors are accessible on all installations automatically, 
without having to edit plugin.php.  Does anyone know how I might do so?


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> > My latest plugin
> > (http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/featurific-for-wordpress/) performs a
> > bunch of initialization during activation.  However, if the activation
> > generates PHP errors (e.g. file not found, etc.), they are not reported to
> > the user.  The problem is that I know that errors are being generated.  If I
> > call the activation method from another method, the PHP errors are
> > successfully reported.
> >
> > What's wrong?  Is this the default behavior of Wordpress?  And if so, how
> > can I work around it?

The function activate_plugin, defined in wp-admin/includes/plugin.php,
uses output buffering to check for fatal errors upon activation.  You
can comment out the call to output buffering functions there to see
the errors.

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