[wp-hackers] Consensus on plugin config screen position: Settings vs. Plugins?

Aaron Harun admin at anthologyoi.com
Fri Jun 13 15:56:18 GMT 2008

I actually believe plugins should go under what they do. If the plugin
primarily changes your theme, it should go under design. If it adds
features to the comments, it should go there.

While sticking everything under "plugins" is easier for the first
couple times a user needs to find the plugin, after that point, the
plugin has become an inseparable part of the blog and I stop thinking
of it as a "plugin" and more as just part of the install.

At this point, it makes far more sense to look for it under what it
does. Especially, if it is a plugin that I only use once every couple

Of all the plugins I have installed, I only have one plugin listed
under "plugins." Most are under "manage" or "settings."


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