[wp-hackers] Theme structure

Alan Baljeu alanbaljeu at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 12 13:36:28 GMT 2008

Keith wrote:
>Not necessarily.  For testing purposes, you could replace the WP 
>template tags with static content and save it to a temp html file that's 
>opened in a browser.  Some things would be easier than others with this 
>method (a paragraph or two of lorem ipsum for <?php the_content() ?> for 
>example), but most things should be easily doable.

Harder might be <?php get_header() ?>.  Or if someone wants to design the sidebars, we're looking at incomplete documents.  I suppose we could also add a generic context, and that would work provided the files are well behaved.  Generic context won't work if the header says <div id="bluegreen">, as the sidebars would miss out on the styling.  Then again, if we use index.php as the context, that could work.  Of course 404.php might have a different structure.

You have a good idea.  My biggest concern is not handling all the unknown php stuff in rendering HTML.  Ignoring function calls doesn't seem like the best idea.

>It might not be the best way to do it, but you'd at least get an idea of 
>what your theme is going to look like with content, but without the 
>weight of setting up a web LAMP/WAMP/etc stack.

Well, if we don't worry about perfect results, it could very well be much easier.

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