[wp-hackers] Theme structure

Alan Baljeu alanbaljeu at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 12 03:52:17 GMT 2008

>Also, check out K2, which is an innovative little theme framework:  

Somebody already pointed me there, thanks.

>> ...but for the challenge of building the tool.

>You're going to be better off creating more of a desktop like tool  
>rather than anything web based. Think of it like a 'dreamweaver' that  
>only speaks html, css, js, and wp template tags. In other words find  
>the right tool for the job; to build the tool for this job.

That's certainly one possible direction.  From one perspective it would be easier to build the interface using desktop tools, and actually the whole app may be easier.  But it would be much harder to test whether the edited template is any good.  I think it would require users to setup PHP and Apache on the local machine.  On the web, the interface may be harder, but you have near-instant feedback as to your changes.  

Please explain why you think a desktop tool is better than a webtop tool.  


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