[wp-hackers] wp + mysql ?

Christopher J. Hradil chradil at comcast.net
Wed Jun 11 17:55:19 GMT 2008

I haven't had time to check up on this issue in a while, so I'm not sure of
the current state of:


1)      Is WP mysql 5.x+ compatible ? more specifically are we capable/using
the mysqli lib as opposed to the mysql lib ? at one point we needed to run
both mysql and mysqli libs because wp couldn't handle the mysqli

2)      Any further issues with WP charsets/data collations ? I've tracked a
number of issues past few years, haven't noticed anything major lately so
I'm guessing it's mostly been resolved, and there especially shouldn't be
any issues with utf8_general_ci or utf8 collation

3)      Any probs with php 5.x or associated libs ? we've got a ton of
plugins across a bunch of sites that just seem to break under more 'modern'
version of wp and anything beyond php 4.x, I've been to lazy to
re-write/correct these, so those sites haven't been updated yet, but the
time is coming.





Christopher J. Hradil

CEO Montclair Ventures/Manning Interactive

chradil at comcast.net




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