[wp-hackers] Looking for something for Author photo management

Paul Menard paul at codehooligans.com
Sat Jun 7 21:44:10 GMT 2008

Working on client Intranet type blog. The bloggers will be upper  
management folks and the readers the general employees. They want to  
associate a photo with each post. So far nothing major, use WP 2.5.1  
and the built-in Gravatar support. Not quite. The site will be  
internal ( as in behind a firewall). They want to manage the users and  
photos internal.

I noticed on the WordPress.com sites under the author edit there is a  
nice 'My Picture' box. Is that code publicly available??

Outside of that I'm looking for a plugin (or someone's hack) to manage  
an author photo. Sure, I can write my own but why do that when I can  
use other's work.

Anyone have a suggestion?


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