[wp-hackers] Seeking feedback on Plugins UI

Stefano Aglietti steagl4ml at gmail.com
Thu Jun 5 13:01:43 GMT 2008

On Thu, 05 Jun 2008 22:46:57 +1000, DD32 <wordpress at dd32.id.au> wrote:

>I guess it comes down to the user really.
>A few people who i've talked to about it rarely goto the plugin interface,  
>When they do, they're generally after deactivating an active plugin, or  
>activating a plugin.
>Or its to upgrade a plugin, In general, They're only interested in the  
>Active plugins.

I agree... and i got an idea, actually in the dashboard show up a
message that inform about new WP version available, woudl be nice
having a message that inform about avability of new updates for one or
more plugin, not a list of updatted plugin but somethign that inform
there is updates available.. a rd icon with an exclamation mark
besides the plugin menu entry would nice too... sometimes i forget for
a couple of weeks to check plugins pages of one of my blog and this
would be a nice remind. The exclamation icons beside the plugin menu
would be better than a message in dashboarda cause ti woudl be visible
in every admin page.

>It didnt make much sense to me at the time for "Here are the plugins which  
>you have installed, but are not activated" "Deactivated Plugins" just  
>didnt fit in as a title to me.

"Unactive Plugins" sound better? I will change the "Currently Active
Plugins" in a more simple "Active Plugins" too


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