[wp-hackers] Re: Parent-Child Themes and New Page Templates

Joost de Valk joost at joostdevalk.nl
Tue Jun 3 19:22:16 GMT 2008

On Jun 3, 2008, at 9:18 PM, Andy Skelton wrote:

> On Tue, Jun 3, 2008 at 1:39 PM, Joost de Valk <joost at joostdevalk.nl>  
> wrote:
>> I'm afraid I'm not exactly getting the functionality that is  
>> described here,
>> could someone enlighten me? :)
> WordPress looks in TEMPLATEPATH for template files, including standard
> files (e.g. single.php, home.php) and page templates (e.g. link.php or
> any php file with a Template Name).
> OP wants it to look in STYLESHEETPATH first. That way, if you
> distribute a theme that depends on another theme's templates you can
> include overriding and additional templates.
> For example, you can distribute a theme consisting of nothing but a
> stylesheet and use the Template directive (in the stylesheet comment)
> to have it rely on the php templates in the Sandbox theme. What you
> can't do is include php templates and have them supercede the Sandbox
> templates. Instead you must include the desired Sandbox php templates
> and not use the Template directive.
> Andy

K, getting it now, thx :)

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