[wp-hackers] Allow Wordpress to use a Slave Database

Colin Ogilvie wordpress at colinogilvie.co.uk
Tue Jun 3 19:09:48 GMT 2008

Andy Skelton wrote:
 > There is some good stuff in that patch and it looks like a good start
 > but I would not be quick to commit it to core. It does not consider
 > replication lag. It supports only one slave. The new bail has an
 > inappropriate message. The coding style could be more consistent.
 > (Aren't I critical?)

That's exactly why it was posted, to get Feedback :)

Replication lag is something that I'm planning on adding in (either 
through your method or by checking SHOW SLAVE STATUS output) - we're 
still internally checking it's not doing anything weird with the 
Read/Write connections first though.

I'll add extra slave support in to it when I'm back in the office.

The same could be said of a lot of the code though... I try to keep to 
the coding standards at 
http://codex.wordpress.org/WordPress_Coding_Standards but lots of bits 
of the code seems to be differing from the standards documented at the 
previous URL.

Could you point out specific instances in the patch that doesn't correspond?

Any other comments so I can look at them tomorrow?


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