[wp-hackers] Black Hat Chinese Hackers - Looking for your input

MLR mlrichard at gmail.com
Mon Jun 2 19:23:36 GMT 2008

Hi Guys,

I have noticed two things:
- The combination of the Words WordPress and Hack mostly return topics
about making WP do cool things (the spirit of this mailing list)
- Most requests for info about fixing hacked blogs are dead ends on

Today I am trying to fix a hacked blog without simply starting over. I
want to know what happened to create the following problem:

All request in the address bar to ANY wp-admin files returns a 404 error.

the .htaccess file seems clean.

All files were at 2.5.1

I have already overwritten all files in sequence to spot which one
would have rogue code.

I checked the theme it seems fine (no encoded bits of javascript or rogue code)

I have removed the javascript functions at the bottom of the index.php
that a bot inserts everyday on the site.

Your pointers will definitely help me understand the source of the issue.

What is your opinion on the usefullness of this plugin?

(I know this is easely done the classic way but don't we all have a
gazillion blogs to manage!?!)

Thanks a lot,

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