[wp-hackers] TypePad AntiSpam

Hacker Scot shacker at birdhouse.org
Mon Jun 2 04:21:42 GMT 2008

> From: " Jorge Pe?a " <jorgepblank at gmail.com>
> I had never heard of Defensio, I thought it was Akismet haha. So you  
> guys
> think Defensio is better than Akismet?

Only WP-Spamfree catches 100% of spam, but I like to use hive  
solutions, and I like to be able to feed the firewall with spammy IPs  
harvested from spam submissions* (which can't happen with WP-SpamFree,  
since spam never gets into the comments table to begin with). Akismet  
does seem to be letting a lot more spam through to the moderation  
queue in recent weeks, which has been annoying. I'm running the  
TypePad plugin now, and it seems to be doing a somewhat better job  
than Akismet (but that's not scientific).

Would be interesting to see someone set up a handful of equivalent  
honeypot sites, publicize them equally, and have each run a different  
spam solution. Then we could run some interesting comparative numbers.



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