[wp-hackers] wp.org/extend/plugins

Daiv Mowbray daiv at daivmowbray.com
Sun Jun 1 19:53:23 GMT 2008

Hello list,

Just wondering if anyone here could tell me how long it normally
takes for a newly registered plugin to be approved at wp.org/extend?

I registered a new one may 28th and the page says Approved: 2008-5-30.
But there is no menu which normally would say:
    * Description
    * Installation
    * Faq
    * Screenshots
    * Other Notes
    * Stats
    * Admin

I've never used wp.org/extend and I'm not sure what to expect, nor when.

Thanx for any assistance or info.
Daiv Mowbray
daiv at daivmowbray.com

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