[wp-hackers] Wordpress 2.6 Security Question

Gary Creed highbids at gmail.com
Mon Jul 28 20:46:37 GMT 2008

I've installed the plugin "WP Security Scan" on a fresh install of  
Wordpress 2.6 running on a
Apache server at hostgator & the plugin says this about my table prefix.

Your table prefix should not be wp_. Click here to change it.

Change your database table prefix to mitigate zero-day SQL
Injection attacks.

I'm going to be installing WP Super Cache or Hyper Cache to keep my server
from crashing if I get a lot of traffic.

If I change wp_. to say ab_. will it affect the cache plugings and the
SQL database & will I have any future problems with the database.

Best Regards!

Larry Reed
highbids at gmail.com

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