[wp-hackers] load_plugin_textdomain()

Xavier Borderie xavier at borderie.net
Mon Jul 28 15:42:16 GMT 2008

2008/7/28 Otto <otto at ottodestruct.com>:
>  Instead, you've just shoved back the problem until 2.7 or 2.8.

Couldn't agree more.

> I highly recommend making a new function entirely and deprecating this
> one entirely, and doing it now, not later.

I'd be in favor of "later", or even, sadly, never, since some pretty
useful widgets might just not be updated by their authors, or even
picked up/replaced by another dev. And since some users tend to not
know how/where to update their plugins, many might be out of luck once
the deed is done.

One idea I have (which might be silly or just plain undoable) would be
to build upon the well-received Notification Update message for
plugins, and have it blurt out a "Note: This widget uses deprecated
methods, and might not work in future WordPress versions." message,
which would only appear of there was no new version in sight.
This would probably be even better with a "WARNING: This widget uses
unavailable methods that might have been deprecated long ago. It might
therefore not work as expected with the version of WordPress you are
currently using. Try to find an alternative on the [Plugins
Repository]" message.
This could be a good and explicit way to deprecate methods between two
major versions, then remove these methods altogether in the next major

I have absolutely no idea how or if this could be done (can phpDoc
code be used with the code? marking-up deprecated methods with a
normalized boolean variable? having the check be done on the Plugins
Repository, and having it send the boolean?), but I think it would be
a clean way to ensure a smooth transition for both users and
developers (and not only for load_plugin_textdomain(), but for all the
Plugins API methods).

What's more, if the fourth item from
http://codex.wordpress.org/Version_2.7 ("theme update api, like we do
for plugins") is indeed implemented, this could also prove very useful
for Themes API deprecated template tags and such.

Just a thought. Am I just plain wrong?

2008/7/28 Gaarai <gaarai at gaarai.com>:
> Just cut the cord and force developers to update  their stuff. Code that breaks due to lack of support will be picked up and
> fixed by the people who want to use it if there is enough interest remaining.

I think you might be putting too much trust in the coding knowledge
and willingness of people. Many, many, many people just use WordPress
as if it were magic. If a method is forcibly removed, and therefore
breaks thousands of instances of widgets, I can't begin to describe
you the pouring of help requests on the various local forums.
Plus, not all plugins developers read wp-hackers, and know that the
reason behind the breakage is a modification rather than a user's
specific setting. In this regard, a clear warning from within WP would
surely prevent a lot fists cursing from devs and users.
Don't break stuff, 'cos it's not the right way to prove that the
Plugins API is stable.

Xavier Borderie

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