[wp-hackers] uploading and attaching images via plugin

AndreSC andre at pixelplexus.co.za
Sat Jul 26 17:53:16 GMT 2008

Hi Guys

I've been building a plugin (aDirectoryManager) that 'composes' posts 
from a custom admin forms and then creates posts from the input  - 
basically to standardise format of layout and apply some rules to 
categorization and tagging of the resulting posts - nice results so far 
but still some ways to go before it'll be ready for release.

One issue that has been confounding me is the best way to deal with 
images (given that again the idea is all about highly structured and 
pre-determined format and lay-out). Should I build a separate *simple* 
uploader and use |wp_insert_attachment at time of 'exporting the post' 
|- or somehow use the wordpress system at data entry time - if so, would 
it allow programatically modifying settings for individual attachments 
etc.- if the latter makes more sense then how - at a glance I don't see 
much in terms of documentation.

Not sure I've articulated what I'm after very well but any pointers 
would be appreciated.



PS. wow, i managed to write all that without writing 'as aCMS' :)

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