[wp-hackers] [gsoc] WordPress PHP Extension

Jacob Santos wordpress at santosj.name
Wed Jul 23 12:38:37 GMT 2008

I'm currently writing a PHP Extension for WordPress, which converts the 
WordPress library to C++. I was wondering if I should create private 
functions, in which WordPress tests for and uses if available. Sort of 
like what another PHP library does. The advantage of this way is that it 
will only require a patch to WordPress to test if the extension is 
active and use it. My current implementation will require that you 
remove the functions or files from WordPress, since I'm implementing 
them in C++.

The former has the advantage of not requiring that much maintenance and 
could be further optimized using C/C++ algorithms instead of PHP ones. I 
don't want to develop something like that and then be told that such a 
patch will not be acceptable.

I'm currently going to be working on converting the Plugin API, which is 
used a lot. I might as well try the Walker classes, since they are also 
slow currently and I could get some good benchmarks out of it.

Does anyone have suggestions on what WordPress library component I 
should convert to the WordPress PHP Extension? I only have 3 and a half 
weeks of development time left.

Jacob Santos

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