[wp-hackers] [Plugin release] Revision Control

DD32 wordpress at dd32.id.au
Wed Jul 23 03:52:08 GMT 2008

Good day everyone,
Theres been a lot of people lately wanting some form of control over the  
Revision functionality in WordPress 2.6, Many do not like the idea of  
defining a Cosntant in their config file mearly to disable the revisions.

In response i've written up a plugin which allows you to define the  
setting from the WordPress aministration interface on a Global basis (ie.  
Disable All revisions for all posts/pages, And override on a per-page/post  

For example, I can set Revisions to Disabled globally, And then Enable it  
to store say 5 revisions for a Specific page(Without affecting any other  

You'll find some Info ( & Download link) on it here:  

Note: Yes, Those of you who look at the source will see i've skipped over  
some API methods, Theres reasons for most of them.
MU Compatibility: No, This is not MU Compatible - Well, At least I dont  
think it is, I have not written it for MU, I might update it if i can work  
out the changes needed.

I'd appreciate any suggestions and/or bug reports for V1.1

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