[wp-hackers] Is get_plugin_data "expensive"?

Aaron D. Campbell aaron at xavisys.com
Wed Jul 16 18:08:59 GMT 2008

You can also just make it a constant and put it right up next to where 
you set the main version number. Less likely yo forget (although I 
definitely have still forgotten).

Stephen Rider wrote:
> Heh. Yeah, I know. Sometimes I go to extremes with the whole "never 
> repeat data" rule. I hate duplicating this kind of thing, because 
> inevitably you do an update and forget that one variable further down 
> that _also_ needs to be changed.
> Actually, for my purposes, I may only have to update the variable when 
> there's a change to the defaults (such as a new option introduced). 
> Kind of like $wp_db_version in WP....

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