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Wed Jul 16 12:56:45 GMT 2008

interesting starting point!
But how to make sure to get an "maximum" view into the export file?

I'll do some tests to see how the structre will be when using
meta, encl files, categorie etc.

but is there no DTD definiton for this WP RSS format?


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Re: [wp-hackers] WordPress eXtended RSS DTD

Just install WordPress somewhere and then do an export. It should be 
clear pretty quick. :)

Although personally I think it'd be a lot, lot faster (and better) to make
your XML file into an RSS format. That way you can just import it via the
RSS import feature.

On Wed, Jul 16, 2008 at 5:04 AM, Gerhard Brauckmann <
Gerhard.Brauckmann at> wrote:

> Friends of WP,
> I have to import content via XML files.
> My idea is to build a XSLT transformation to the specific form of
> "WordPress eXtended RSS Format".
> Does anyone of you have some documentation about the WordPress eXtended
> How does an RSS item to look like for importing, the post, categories,
> images, meta information etc.?
> Kind regards from sunny bavaria
> Gerhard Brauckmann
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