[wp-hackers] Re: Spam Karma goes GPL

Xavier Borderie xavier at borderie.net
Tue Jul 15 16:01:36 GMT 2008

On Jul 14, 2008, at 12:44 PM, Jonathan Dingman wrote:
> Spam Karma is a great plugin, but it's outdated and there are much
> better plugins available to do the same job.
> (...)
> I don't really see a need for Spam Karma anymore.

Well, I don't know, there might some people out there who'd rather not
have all their comments be handled by a third-party company through a
closed-source service. Keeping one's comment on one's server.

No offense to Matt & the whole Akismet devteam, it's a great product
(I myself use it as a plugin to SpamKarma), but Jonathan, I'm sure you
can understand that there are cases when it does'nt fit the bill.
Furthermore, SK is built so that there is no chance to get false
positives, whereas Akismet might get a few from times to times (hence
the need to regularly check the spam folder of one's Akismet
In the end, you combine BadBehavior with Akismet, and I combine SK
with AK. To each his own, and I for one would be sad to see SK

And know that no service/plugin is perfect: I just got an obvious spam
on my installation (author is "milfdude duuuude"),  see the
spam-comment's final karma points:

Karma : 6.07 with...
0.5: Valid Javascript payload (can be fake).
0: Encrypted payload valid: IP matching.
-1.43: Entry posted 1 year, 9 months ago. 0 comments in the past 15
days. Current Karma: 0.
7: Akismet says it's ok


So, you'll always have to look at your spam folder, either to retrieve
possible false positives, or mark missed spam. No solution is perfect
yet, sadly.

Xavier Borderie

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