[wp-hackers] Spam Karma goes GPL

Stephen Rider wp-hackers at striderweb.com
Mon Jul 14 12:34:25 GMT 2008

Ladies and Gents --

Spam Karma has been released under the GPL.


I hope some capable programmers pick this up -- it is an incredibly  
capable anti-spam system.  I've used it for years (with Akismet  
running within it via SK plugin).  Perhaps the WordPress community  
should consider making it an official part of WordPress, or at least  
give it some closer ties.

I know there is some sort of bad blood between the original author and  
Automattic, though he's never very specific, but it would be a real  
shame if this plugin were to die.


P.S. -- I do have some ideas for small improvements, but I do _not_  
know enough to maintain the core of the system -- the part that  
actually out maneuvers the $%@^*& spammers.

Stephen Rider

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