[wp-hackers] [WPSoC][Mid-term update] codeWord progress so far...

Joel joelstarnes at gmail.com
Fri Jul 11 20:46:44 GMT 2008

Thanks for all the help Otto,

> Gotta say that I'm not a fan of the way you're inserting the scripts...
You're right I really should have been using wp_enqueue_script for the
other scripts that don't need to go in the document body and I'm not
sure why the stylesheet ended up there too, I'll update my code.

> That manual definition of the plugin directory/URL in codeword.php is
not needed. There's a constant of WP_PLUGIN_URL ...
I hadn't heard of the WP_PLUGIN_URL constant yet, so I'll use that
too, thanks Gaarai for the link on backwards compatibility there.

> The function search box has a few issues. When I tried to type "the_",
then it has trouble when I hit the shift key to type the underscore.
Yeah I just changed over the autocomplete script I was using, this one
still needs some work integrating, but I've sorted out the shift key

Cheers Joel.

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