[wp-hackers] (Fwd) WP Tuner plugin alpha - useful? suggestions, feedback we

Webbed.Pete at gmail.com Webbed.Pete at gmail.com
Thu Jul 10 17:32:27 GMT 2008

[I don't seem to be getting emails through the listserve. Receiving ok, but this is the 
second email I've sent. I've now re-registered. Is anyone receiving this??? Thanks.]

Hi all, 

I'm creating my first plugin, and making some great progress. I'd like to share it as a 
"beta" with you for testing, suggestions and feedback. 

It's called WP Tuner: analyzes performance of WordPress, themes and plugins. Shows 
overall timing, and analyzes all DB queries triggered by both core and plugins. Shows 
what is slowing down your blog. Also shows server load if possible. 

Download here for now: www.ds.org/files/plugins/wptuner-0.4.zip 

I've already used this to fix some critical issues on a major blog (125k comments, zillions 
of hits). 

Some nice and/or unusual aspects of my design: 
* Mu-compatible, translatable, uninstallable 
* Self-installs, very carefully, into wp-config.php 
* Backward compatible to 2.0.6 (tested on 2.2.1, earlier via code inspection) 
* Injects itself into wpdb class on the fly (I was rather pleased with this! I 
 love php :) ) 
* Self-diagnoses most possible installation challenges 
* Simple presets plus custom configs 
* Developer-friendly aspects, including a nice logging capability 
* Invisible to normal site users 

Some questions I have: 
* Is this a waste of time? I don't want to publish a plugin that's already out there 100 
* My admin page is VERY ugly on older WP. I'm using the usual CSS as far as I know. Is 
it just not worth cleaning up? 
* Anything else I can/should do to make this more useful? 

The only thing NOT working AFAIK is the links to further info: me, the plugin, a donation 
tip jar. I've not yet built my own blog (but getting close). (Yes, I built this plugin before 
ever starting to blog. Mostly wanted to help a friend...) 

Your thoughts much appreciated! 

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