[wp-hackers] Summer of Code: WP-Storage [Mid-term update]

Cesar D. Rodas saddor at gmail.com
Wed Jul 9 17:43:02 GMT 2008

Hello folks!

I'm César Rodas, and I am working in Google summer of Code for Wordpress in
a project called WP-Storage. Basically what it does is give the possibility
to upload files to third parties hosting. Right now it had support (drivers)
for YouTube (only videos), and Amazon S3 (any type of files).

Right now it had basically functionality, you can upload files to any driver
[*], browse, and embedded into your post. The delete and update [**] are
missing right now, but I'll add support as ASAP.

WP-Storage's next steps are:

   - Add some style for the user interface.
   - The Wp-storage's browse & include (if possible) embedded in Wodpress
   "add media". (WP > 2.5). And for lowest versions of WP, it would be as now.
   - Add some improvement suggested by
   - Write a mini doc on my block of "How write a WP-Storage driver"
   - Write more drivers.

You try an alpha version by downloading this file *

Suggestions, comments, bug reports, or any help are very very welcome.

Best Regards

[*]  You can write your own drivers.
[**] "Update" has the lowest priority into my milestone

Cesar D. Rodas
Free File hosting: http://files3.com/
Phone: +595-961-974165

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