[wp-hackers] Plugin Standard Suggestion for PHPdoc Inline Documentation

Jacob Santos wordpress at santosj.name
Tue Jul 8 00:59:24 GMT 2008

The main source @package used for WordPress is @package WordPress. My 
recommendation already does what you suggest. Which means we have an 

Jacob Santos

Eric Marden wrote:
>> What do you (plugin developers) set the @package and @subpackage 
>> names to?
>> I usually do:
>> @package WordPress_Plugin
>> @subpackage PLUGIN_NAME
> Shouldn't the @package be whatever the main wordpress source is in? 
> The only reason these are pertinent is so that the generated source is 
> organized in a meaningful way. This would put the wp core in its own 
> area, outside of all plugins. Is that what you're intending? I would 
> vote for your latter suggestion of the plugin name as the @package, so 
> that they are all in their own area outside of the core, or in the 
> same @package as WP, but the above suggestion is not ideal in my 
> honest opinion.
> -e
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