[wp-hackers] Plugin Standard Suggestion for PHPdoc Inline Documentation

Jacob Santos wordpress at santosj.name
Sat Jul 5 21:47:23 GMT 2008

I have a plugin standard suggestion for plugin developers, which include 
phpdoc inline documentation.

What do you (plugin developers) set the @package and @subpackage names to?

I usually do:

@package WordPress_Plugin
@subpackage PLUGIN_NAME

However, you could just do:

@package PLUGIN_NAME

which would work also. I just think that if someone took the code, they 
should know that the plugin belongs inside of WordPress, so 
"WordPress_Plugin" makes sense for the package name to me.

What do you think? Does there need to be a standard?

If not, then the package name should be reserved for core WordPress 
files and plugins must not use it as their @package name.

The Inline Documentation page probably needs to reflect any final 
suggestions made by this thread. At the very least, I'll add that 
plugins must not use for their @package name the word "WordPress" and 
must use something else.

Jacob Santos

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