[wp-hackers] find wp-config from a plugin file

Jacob Santos wordpress at santosj.name
Tue Jan 29 13:46:00 GMT 2008

Kimmo Suominen wrote:
> On Tue, Jan 29, 2008 at 07:12:59AM -0600, Jacob Santos wrote:
>> require_once( realpath( dirname(__FILE__) .'/../../wp_config.php');
> Why not just
>     require_once( '../../wp-config.php');
> The dirname() and realpath() calls are not needed, as far as I can
> tell.
> Using require_once inside a strictly proceted with relative paths is
> ok, as long as you don't mix something like this:
>     require_once( '../../wp-config.php');
>     require_once( './../../wp-config.php');
>     require_once( '././../../wp-config.php');
> In other words, leading "./" is going to be problematic and isn't
> needed with WordPress.  WordPress already uses include statements
> without a leading dot directory, and in my humble opinion should
> get rid of the few include statements with leading single dot
> directories.  This would make it work within a directory tree
> where the whole path to the root directory (on a UNIX system) is
> not readable (only executable, i.e. searchable).
> Calling realpath() is another problem for strict permissions and
> in every case I've seen in WordPress, completely unnecessary.
> Best regards,
> + Kimmo

True, that. In several projects, I just use which ever method pleases my 
eye at the time. However, I don't use relative paths such as those. As 
with WordPress, there are some safe mode issues (possible or whatever). 
It /is/ my convention to always use 
dirname(__FILE__).'/whatever/to/path'; However, a co-worker uses your 
method just fine. This is just one of those convention things that has 
no real end debate, so use whatever pleases you.

The reason you would use realpath, for your information, is so your path 
doesn't look like:  "Path/to/folder/../wp_config.php" which looks 
terrible. If you use realpath, it removes the folder and ../ and looks 
tons prettier. It also has the advantage of not giving you the path if 
the file doesn't exist. However, realpath also has overhead which is 
best not used.

However, I can't understand using dirname() multiple times, because the 
call just adds unnecessary overhead.

I think all of these are reasons why 'ABSPATH' exists.


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