[wp-hackers] PHP 4.3 for WP 2.5

Jacob Santos wordpress at santosj.name
Sat Jan 26 03:25:26 GMT 2008

Ryan Boren wrote:
> We're going to get wild and crazy and bump our PHP requirement to 4.3.
>  Some 4.3 specific functions crept into 2.3.x, so we already have
> dependencies on it.
> No, we're not going to require 4.4 or 5.  4.3 for this release, and
> then we'll see about further bumps down the line.
> And now I duck and cover for the inevitable PHP 5 thread.  :-)
Not for another 8 months at least, then the inevitable PHP5 thread will 
commence. Until then, I will bide my time, dreaming of what will never 
come in 8 months or 10 months or probably not even 12 months.

Some of my immense hatred for WordPress has been relieved, as XML DOM 
can now be used (except for the sour fact that DOM for PHP 5 would also 
have to be supported if XML DOM is used. Sigh, XML is so much easier in 
PHP 5, but that is neither here nor now). XML DOM is fairly decent in 
its XML support and I have been itching to write patches that used it to 
replace the way it is currently done. Writing compatibility layer XML 
code is fascinating and something I look forward to hopefully getting in 
to replace the current method of XML.

This also opens up a whole list of PHP functions that would otherwise 
have to be avoided. So I do look forward to the outlook of code that 
uses PHP 4.3 to the fullest!

Dude, I'm so totally going to love not going to school in the Fall. I 
just hope you guys accept my crazy, insane ideas during the Summer and 
Fall. I can't wait to dive back into XML DOM and debate the issue on 
whether it should be used to replace what is done now.


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