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Thu Jan 24 16:04:25 GMT 2008

> Ozh wrote:
>> By the way you'd need to be able to translate the plugin description of
>> course, but also its name, and why not its URL for the (numerous) folks
>> who maintain their custom plugin doc in more than one language.
> The solution using gettext that I proposed (if the email ever gets
> through) could also put the URL and the name in similar __() calls.
> Again, I think any solution that uses a non-gettext method of
> translating the plugin information is problematic, because of all the
> locales out there.
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> Jennifer Hodgdon
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I would love to read it. If it doesn't get through, then send it to me and
I'll see about implementing it along with the other suggestions. I think
the more options we give, the better.

During some internal debate (with myself), I came to the conclusion that
without a major refactor of the plugin system, it would be impossible to
use __().

The commit team does not seem keen on that solution or any solution which
involves hooks, and reloading of the plugin description. It will also have
to not have any major refactoring of how the plugin system functions.

Jacob Santos

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