[wp-hackers] i18n of plugin description

Pixline supporto at pixline.net
Thu Jan 24 15:39:55 GMT 2008

Il giorno 24/gen/08, alle ore 16:28, Ozh ha scritto:

>> Another solution would be to place only the English description in  
>> the
>> plugin header and the foreign descriptions in a single file and parse
>> this file. This would keep the header clear
> I like this solution. It keeps the header simple and readable.
> By the way you'd need to be able to translate the plugin description  
> of
> course, but also its name, and why not its URL for the (numerous)  
> folks
> who maintain their custom plugin doc in more than one language.

+1 for me. This seems really clean, and won't break anything if that  
file is missing.

Maybe the optional file can be something like:

[...] the usual plugin header, translated


This way will be really easy to parse re-using the same function, just  
after identifying the right language, and so the right language  
block.... At least, it sounds good to me :-)

Paolo Tresso
- pixline.net code monkey
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