[wp-hackers] Adding a checkbox to the write articles page

Mitesh Ashar email at miteshashar.com
Tue Jan 22 14:29:01 GMT 2008

Are you hooking this function?
Just writing the function is not enough.
And yeah the function u've given is the one to process your checkbox, and
not show it..
I guess u will be having a function to show it.
All of these functions need to be hooked.
The one to show the checkbox needs to be hooked to dbx_page_advanced &
This will show your checkbox just below the Upload form.
The one to process the checkbox needs to be hooked to edit_post, save_post &

For more about action & filter hooking a function to different events, check


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Subject: [wp-hackers] Adding a checkbox to the write articles page
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I'm trying to write a plugin to add a checkbox to the write articles
page, but it doesn't appear.

My code is:

function sapo_tags($id)

//delete the existing field
delete_post_meta($id, 'checkbox');
//Get the value from your form
$userEnteredValue = $_POST["userEnteredValue"];
//Add your value as a custom field with the key 'myKey'
//but only if the form data exists
if (isset($userEnteredValue) && !empty ($userEnteredValue)){
add_post_meta($id, 'checkbox', $userEnteredValue);}


Any ideas ?

Any help would be appreciated.

Warm Regards,
Mário Gamito

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