[wp-hackers] Some Positive Feedback on the Admin UI

Jeremy Clarke jer-wphackers at simianuprising.com
Sun Jan 20 20:19:01 GMT 2008

> I am curious as to why "Design" wouldn't be included in the right hand
> seemingly admin links.  I would think "plugins" and "theme" would be
> both in the same area for info arch.

I have to say, this comment makes sense. Design is likely to be used
rarely and definitely fits more with users and plugins than with posts
and comments. Was there a specific reason to break the otherwise
left=content right=admin organization?

One other thing about the recent changes: In the write screen the new
optional settings boxes ( the replacements to the whole DBX thing)
only drop down if you click the tiny arrow on the left. While the
animation and change make sense, this is a ridiculously tiny target
for people to press (remember, grandma hasn't been practising her FPS
games, so she's out of practice with her mouse). If I was going
through several posts in a row to add optional settings I might end up

Is there a reason not to have the whole box heading be active for
opening it? That seems like it would be expected behavior, or at least
no one would be mad if the box opened too easily, compared to it being
a hassle to get open.

Very interesting stuff so far though. I'm excited!.

Jeremy Clarke

p.s. for those without SVN for various reasons, here's a screencap of
the post screen in Firefox:

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